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Table 1 Demographic data on respondents (n = 28)

From: Antiretroviral therapy adherence strategies used by patients of a large HIV clinic in Lesotho

Characteristics Value
Age, mean 39.8 years (range 22–56 years)
Sex 17 females (60.7 %), 11 males (39.3 %)
Years of schooling, mean 6.96 years (10.7 % had no education)
Household income per month (RSA Rands)a Mean: 759, Median: 600 (Range: 0–3000)
Number of people per household Some are living together with their siblings, parents or older relatives and others have their own families with a partner and typically 1–2 children. A few patients lived on their own and the main reason was that their partner had passed away.
Treatment duration, months Mean: 35.9, Median: 36 (Range: 2–72)
Type of treatment OD: 19 (67.9 %), BD: 9 (32.1 %)
CD4-cell count (cells/mm3), mean 442 (Range: 9–1300)
  1. aMean income was calculated based on the household’s total reported income, regardless of whether the patient contributed or the number of individuals in the household. A few reported no income. Three participants were excluded, one because the patient had not responded to the question and two because of uncertainty about the amount of income