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Table 5 Facilitators of ART-adherence

From: Antiretroviral therapy adherence strategies used by patients of a large HIV clinic in Lesotho

Answera n = 28b
Mobile phone alarm and/or mobile phone clock 18
Support from family and/or friends 17
TV and Radio 12
Regular clock or alarm clock 9
HIV-positive partner, relative or friend 7
Remember the medication pontaneously 5
Previous severe symptoms of HIV infection 3
Mokokoc 2
Planning ahead 2
Disclosure of HIV serostatus 2
  1. aFacilitators mentioned by two respondents or more were included in the table
  2. bRespondents were allowed to state/mention as many options as preferred. Thus the number of response categories per person to each question could be higher than one
  3. cMokoko (meaning “rooster” in Sesotho), is a markable 1-sheet 1-month calendar built up by symbols (e.g. A rooster for the morning, a sun for the day and a moon for the evening) to help patients remember their doses