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Table 6 Percent of matched death events reported within the correct age range in the MDHS

From: The validity of birth and pregnancy histories in rural Bangladesh

Age group of death (in DSS) and measure Questionnaire type
Both types Birth history Pregnancy history
Infant deaths
 Number of matched events 283 126 157
 Percent reported in correct age range* 93.6 89.7 96.8
Neonatal deaths
 Number of matched events 172 76 96
 Percent reported in correct age range 91.9 89.5 93.8
Early neonatal deaths
 Number of matched events 120 52 68
 Percent reported in correct age range 90.8 88.5 92.6
  1. *p < 0.05 for the test of equality of proportions between birth and pregnancy histories