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Table 1 Pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacterial species identified metagenomically from the polyherbal medicines used for the treatment of tuberculosis in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

From: Identification of bacterial contaminants in polyherbal medicines used for the treatment of tuberculosis in Amatole District of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, using rapid 16S rRNA technique

*a Raoultella ornithinolytica *a Rahnella aquatilis nb Bacillus thuringiensis *a Rahnella aquatilis *b Bacillus cereus h Paenibacillus sp. a Enterobacter sp. *a Klebsiella oxytoca nb Bacillus subtilis
* b Bacillus anthracis na Klebsiella variicola * a Rahnella aquatilis nj Eubacterium moniliforme nb Lysinibacillus sphaericus nh Paenibacillus terrae h Paenibacillus sp. a Enterobacter sp. nh Paenibacillus polymyxa
*b Bacillus cereus *a Klebsiella oxytoca b Bacillus sp. Uncultured firmicutes nk Lactobacillus sp. a Enterobacter sp. na Pectobacterium carotovorum aUncultured enterobacter na Pantoea rwandensis
*a Klebsiella pneumoniae *b Bacillus cereus *b Bacillus cereus Uncultured bacterium ne Clostridium thiosulfatireducens Uncultured bacterium b Bacillus sp. na Enterobacter cloacae na Pantoea agglomerans
*a Rahnella aquatilis *a Klebsiella pneumoniae Uncultured bacterium ne Clostridium xylanolyticum Uncultured actinobacterium nl Weissella soli nh Paenibacillus polymyxa *a Klebsiella pneumoniae
a Enterobacter sp. *a Salmonella enterica na Kluyvera intermedia h Paenibacillus sp. Uncultured firmicutes na Citrobacter freundii nm Burkholderia xenovorans
na Klebsiella variicola nf Herbaspirillum frisingense ng Mycobacterium chelonae eUncultured clostridium Uncultured bacterium np Pseudomonas sp.
na Leclercia sp. na Enterobacter cloacae nh Paenibacillus sp. nl Weissella soli na Pantoea vagans
bUncultured bacillus na Enterobacter asburiae ni Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii Uncultured bacterium a Klebsiella sp.
c Bacterium nxked5 eUncultured clostridium nl Leuconostoc mesenteroides a Pantoea sp.
nb Bacillus thuringiensis e Clostridium sp. bUncultured bacilli Uncultured bacterium
Uncultured bacterium c Bacterium mj07
na Kosakonia radicincitans
c Bacterium mj15
c Bacterium bx4
Uncultured bacterium
  1. Polyherbal medicines were collected from the following: KWTa King Williamstown site A, KWTb King Williamstown site B, KWTc King Williamstown site C, AL Alice, EL East London, FB Fort Beaufort, HBft Hogsback first treatment, HBst Hogsback second treatment, HBtt Hogsback third treatment
  2. – absent, *pathogenic to human, a Enterobacteriaceae, b Bacilliaceae, n non-pathogenic, c unclassified bacteria, e Clostridiaceae, f Oxalobacteraceae, g Mycobacteriaceae, h Paenibacillaceae, i Streptomycetaceae, j Eubacteriaceae, k Lactobacillaceae, l Leuconostocaceae, m Burkholderiaceae, p Pseudomonadaceae