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Table 4 Median (IQR) scores for the 2 items of Culig adherence scale—medication adherence study, Anuradhapura 2017

From: Comparison of medication adherence between type 2 diabetes mellitus patients who pay for their medications and those who receive it free: a rural Asian experience

ItemsSPC (fee-paying group) (n = 50)THA (n = 50)BHT (n = 50)DHK (n = 50)Universal-free group (n = 150)
Are you satisfied with the support of your family and friends?2 (1–3)2 (2–3)3 (1–3)2 (2–3)2 (2–3)
Do your family and friends remind you to take medication on time?2 (1–3)2 (2–3)3 (1–3)2 (2–3)2 (2–3)
Median (IQR) scores for satisfaction with community support (Overall)5 (2–6)4 (4–6)6 (2–6)5 (4–6)4 (4–6)
  1. SPC State Pharmaceutical Corporation, THA Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura, BHT Base Hospital Thambuttegama, DHK Divisional Hospital Kekirawa, IQR interquartile range