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Table 1 Baseline characteristics (pre-JGY) of Gujarat and Maharashtra

From: Effect of reliable electricity on health facilities, health information, and child and maternal health services utilization: evidence from rural Gujarat, India

  Gujarat Maharashtra Reference period Source
Rural population as a percentage of total population 63 58 2001 Census 2001
Percentage of electrified rural households 72 65 2001 Census 2001
Average rural population covered per primary health center (PHC) 31,666 31,523 As of Mar. 30, 2001 Institute of Applied Manpower Research Yearbook
Population served per government hospital bed 1564 1325 Gujarat: as of Jan. 1, 2004
Maharashtra: as of Sept. 1, 2004
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Percentage of infants immunized under 20-point program 84 89 As of Sept. 1, 2003 Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Percentage of pregnant women receiving at least one antenatal check-up 88 93 2002–2004 District Level Household Survey (DLHS)–II
  1. All statistics were sourced from [39]. The column “Source” refers to original data source as per