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Table 2 Key themes and sub-themes

From: First-time mothers’ experiences of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive technology treatment in Taiwan

Theme Sub-theme
1. Being different from mothers who became pregnant naturally 1) Becoming pregnant after a long wait
2) Feeling vulnerable during pregnancy
3) Relying on family’s assistance and support
4) Worrying about the impact of ART on health
2. Ensuring health and safety of the foetus 1) Activities to protect the unborn baby
2) Monitoring foetal movement constantly to maintain peace of mind
3) Receiving foetal reduction for the sake of the pregnancy (presented in detail elsewhere)
3. Welcoming new lives with excitement 1) Overcoming hardship for worthwhile results
2) Realising one’s life and dreams
3) Proving to be fertile enough to give birth
4) Return to normal life track