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Table 4 Examples of nutrition sensitive agriculture messages quoted from interviews with agriculture extension and development agents

From: The fidelity and dose of message delivery on infant and young child feeding practice and nutrition sensitive agriculture in Ethiopia: a qualitative study from the Sustainable Undernutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE) programme

Land management Diversified crops Livestock Water management
‘To improve my agricultural production, I should work by making terracing…using fertilizers, manure or compost….’ (ADA, Tigray) ‘Instead of producing only maize, they can also produce beans, peas and such things for diversification…’ (AEW, SNNP) ‘Rearing rudimentary animals like sheep and goats, modern honey bee, and growing special varieties of grasses for animals…’ (ADA, Tigray) ‘Harvest water from rain…’ (AEW, Oromiya)
‘We discuss about how to sow line by line…. then how to plant in line. Secondly…how to remove weed and apply chemical (insecticide)….’ (ADA, Oromiya) ‘Growing variety of fruits and vegetables in their home garden, which are good sources of vitamin A…’ (ADA, Tigray) ‘During our 1 to 5 meeting, we teach that animal and human should be separated. Even chickens should be separated…’ (ADA, SNNP) ‘…they can collect used water in the house and they can use that to produce cabbage’ (AEW, SNNP)
‘…we teach about sowing line by line…’ (ADA, Amhara) ‘We advise them to sow different types of diversified vegetables…different types of fruits …’ (ADA, Amhara) ‘On a small land, they can produce chicken, sheep and goat…’ (AEW, Oromiya)  
‘…sow different vegetables seeds 25 cm apart and by interchanging their soil’ (AEW, Tigray)    
‘… we advise them on how much fertilizer and seeds they need per hectare’ (AEW, SNNP)    
  1. ADA agriculture development agent, AEW agriculture extension worker