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Table 1 Background characteristics of respondents (n = 36140)

From: Unawareness of health insurance expiration status among women of reproductive age in Northern Ghana: implications for achieving universal health coverage

Background characteristicsNumberPercent
Age group
Highest level of education
 Primary/junior high school120133.23
Functional literacy (ability to read and understand)
Marital status
 Not married yet (single)86623.96
Marriage type
 Do not know200.79
 No occupation/housewife48313.36
 Civil servant521.44
 No religion521.44
Area of residence
District of residence
 Bolga M.3469.62
 Bawku West3228.96
 Bawku East56415.69
SES (wealth index)
 Quintile 1 (poorest)76021.03
 Quintile 2121233.54
 Quintile 32637.28
 Quintile 472720.12
 Quintile 5 (richest)65218.04
 Not autonomous123034.03