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Table 2 Baseline clinical characteristics of adult people living with HIV on ART at Suhul Hospital, Northern Ethiopia, 2010–2014

From: Predictors of mortality among adult people living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy at Suhul Hospital, Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia: a retrospective follow-up study

CharacteristicNumberPercent (%)
 < 50 kg12642.7
 ≥ 50 kg16957.3
Hemoglobin level (g/dl)
 < 11 g/dl8729.5
 ≥ 11 g/dl20870.5
CD4 count (cells/mm3)
 ≤ 20017459.0
 > 20012141.0
WHO clinical stage  
Functional status
Opportunistic infections (OIs)
Tuberculosis disease status
Cotrimoxazole prophylactic therapy (CPT)
Isoniazid prophylactic therapy (IPT)
Fluconazole prophylactic therapy
Eligibility criteria for initiating ART
Type of ART initiated
Disclosed HIV serostatus
HIV serostatus disclosed to (n = 237)
 Own children3913.2