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Table 3 Reported cases and proportions per CNCD category

From: Determinants of health seeking behavior for chronic non-communicable diseases and related out-of-pocket expenditure: results from a cross-sectional survey in northern Bangladesh

Type of CNCDName of CNCDNPercentage (%)
Major CNCDs
(n = 311)
Minor CNCDs
(n = 555)
Physical disability232.49
Joint pain/arthritis16217.51
Chronic gastro-intestinal conditions161.73
Other chronic diseases39442.59
 Total episodes925100
  1. CNCD, chronic non-communicable disease; N, number; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2. This table shows the total conditions and their proportions as reported by 866 respondents. The conditions of 866 respondents add up to 925 because some people reported more than one condition