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Table 2 Distribution of the sample by age and gender groups

From: Design and validation of a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for the nutritional evaluation of food intake in the Peruvian Amazon

 3–5 years old2213.9
 6–9 years old1711.1
 Men 10–13 years old42.8
 Men 14–19 years old3925.0
 Men 20–29 years old1711.1
 Men 30–39 years old2616.7
 Men 40–49 years old2313.9
 Men 50–59 years old42.8
 Men 60–69 years old42.8
 3–5 years old106.8
 6–9 years old2013.6
 Women 10–13 years old3322.7
 Women 14–19 years old1711.4
 Women 20–29 years old2818.2
 Women 30–39 years old1711.4
 Women 40–49 years old149.1
 Women 50–59 years old84.5
 Women 60–69 years old32.3