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Table 2 Results of EFA using rotated component matrix

From: Nutrition self-efficacy assessment: designing and psychometric evaluation in a community-dwelling elderly population

DomainsItemFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Adherence efficacy1—I follow-up of my diet (weight loss or weight gain up)..550  
3—I can follow my age-related diet when I’m in a hurry or busy..432  
11—I prepare appropriate foods for my diet when I eat alone..554  
12—I refuse to eat foods that interaction with my drugs..633  
17—I drink enough amount of water daily according to my physical condition..524  
18—I eat/prepare foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D according to my physical conditions and needs..476  
20—I adjust my diet according to my digestive problems (e.g., heartburn,dyspepsia, diarrhea, bloating, and anorexia).570  
21—I adjust my diet according to my dental and oral problems (e.g., dry mouth, taste and/or olfaction system defects, and toothless and tooth defects).444  
22- I can prepare different foods as well as following my own diet..408  
26- I can avoid nutrients that increase my blood pressure..486  
4- I adhere to my age-appropriate diet, when I eat at a restaurant..595  
5- I follow my age-related diet when I’m eating at parties..458  
9- I keep my weight steady whenever I got to my ideal body weight..432  
25- I adhere to dietitians’ advice about healthy diet..523  
Preventive behaviors2—I adjust the fat in my diet. .507 
7—I ignore eating unhealthy or junk foods (e.g., fast foods, potato chips, and puff ) .448 
8—I can vegetables and foods rich in fibers according to my physical conditions. .423 
14—I can adjust the amount of sugar and sweets in my diet based on my physical conditions. .517 
15—I say no to the unhealthy food my family has prepared for me. .490 
16—I adjust the amount of salt in my meals. .449 
19—I schedule my meals in a way that none of them would be eliminated. .531 
23—I have enough motivation to buy and prepare healthy foods, even when I’m alone. .600 
27—I buy and eat dairy products (e.g., milk, yogurt, and cheese) based on the level of fat they contain. .545 
28—I pay attention to the nutritional values (e.g. fat, Calories and minerals) when I want to buy foodstuff. .414 
Information effectiveness6—I know what nutrients a healthy diet is made up of.  .606
10—I know how to cook foods so their nutritional value would not decrease.  .469
13—I can recognize healthy foods when buying them.  .409
24—I receive healthy nutrition information from the dietitian.  .709
29—I check the accuracy of the nutritional facts presented by friends, family members or media with the nutrition experts.  .443