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Table 3 Internal consistency and test-retest reliability of domain scales

From: Development of the Health Awareness and Behaviour Tool (HABiT): reliability and suitability for a Canadian older adult population

DomainsSubdomains (no. of items)Cronbach’s alphaCorrelation Coefficient (r or φ)
Group 1Group 2 
Knowledge about CVD and diabetesRisk factors (15)0.770.701.00
Common misconception (3)0.340.551.00
Current health behaviorNo subdomains (13)
Multiple behaviors (sedentary lifestyle, diet, alcohol, smoking) analyzed as single scale
Health-related quality of life (HRQoL)No subdomains (5)0.960.580.88
Perceived risk and understandingNo subdomains (7)0.880.880.96
Self-efficacyNo subdomains (5)0.680.780.86