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Table 1 Search terms

From: Methods to measure effects of social accountability interventions in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health programs: systematic review and critique

Accountabilitya Social Responsibility [MeSH]b, Community Participation [MeSH], accountaba, “collective action”, “community action”, social mobili#ation”, “community mobili#ation”, “social movementa”, “community movementa”, “participatory budgeting”, “public expenditure tracking”, “citizen chartera”, “public hearinga”, “citizen report carda”, “social audita”, “health committeea”, “community scorecards”, “complaint mechanisma”, “social protesta” [TiAb]
Reproductive health Reproductive Health [MeSH], Sexual Health [MeSH], Contraception [MeSH], Sexually Transmitted Diseases [MeSH], HIV, STI, “sexually transmitted infectiona”, reproductive, “sexual health”, “family planning”, contracepta, abortiona [TiAb]
Maternal health Maternal Health [MeSH], maternal [TiAb]
Newborn health Infant Health [MeSH], infanta, newborna [TiAb]
Child health Child Health [MeSH], childa [TiAb]
Adolescent health Adolescent Health [MeSH], adolescena, youth, young people, young person [TiAb]
Health Health [MeSH], healtha, wellness [TiAb]
  1. aThe Cochrane Library was searched using only the accountability terms
  2. bMeSH terms are specific to MEDLINE. The searches of EMBASE, Social Policy & Practice, and SCOPUS were as above but without MeSH terms