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Table 3 Parameters to estimate the production losses (economic burden) linked with IDA

From: Reducing the burden of iron deficiency anemia in Cote D’Ivoire through fortification

Life expectancy58 yearsWorld Factbook [46]
Age to begin working life15 yearsWorld Bank [47]
Age of ending working life64 yearsWorld Bank [47]
Mean monthly wage65,575 XOFNational Statistics Cote D’Ivoire [48]
Monetary discount rate3%Smith [49]
Expected income growth3.5%World Bank [47]
Work force participation (net)63%World Bank [47]
Income distributionSES 1: 1.9% to SES 10: 34.8%UNU-WIDER [50]
Unadjusted intergeneration income correlation0.55Black, Solon [51, 52]
Education adjusted intergeneration income correlation0.35Black [51]
Returns on education10.9%Psacharopoulos [32]
Impact of anemia on school performance− 10%Hutchinson et al., Soemantri et al., [29, 30]
Impact of anemia on school attendance− 5.3%Bobonis et al., Hutchinson et al., Bobonis et al., Walker et al. [27, 29,30,31]
Relative risk of school absenteeism on school drop-outs1.8Walker et al. [31]
Impact of 1 standard deviation reduction in cognitive score on future wages− 8%Psacharopoulos [53]
Impact of IDA on productivity of moderate manual labor− 5%Basta [51]
Impact of IDA on productivity of intense manual labor− 17%Basta [54]
  1. IDA iron deficiency anemia, SES socioeconomic strata, XOF West African CFA Franc (CFA stands for Communauté Financière Africaine); Work force participation (net): excludes those unemployed