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Table 1 Specification of variables

From: Breastfeeding and child survival from 0 to 5 years in Côte d'Ivoire

VariablesDefinitionRange value and unitExpected sign
HSeSurvival probability is the dependent variable. Chances of child survivalVariable, in the database record B5, the value is 1 when “child is alive” 0 otherwise. 
Spouse presence
Women status: it is about marital status.Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
Woman living with spouse: the woman’s husband is present and they live together in the household. (+)
Household headA woman as a household head. It is about a woman who is unmarried, widow or divorced. In the household, she is the main provider of needs.Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
Human capital endowment:
level of education. The formal education levels are represented by variables—no education, primary, secondary, or higher education, which take into account the number of years schooling received by the mother at every level of the educational process.
No education = 1; primary = 2; secondary, or higher = 3(+)
MnHealthy environment:
the living environment where the mother and child live must be healthy.
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise 
Nutrition factors: immediate exclusive breastfeeding assumes that the infant only absorbs breast milk immediately the day he was born. It does not receive any other liquids or solid foods, not even water, except oral rehydration solutions, or medications.Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
 Breastfeeding mixed with other milk:
mixed breastfeeding is the association of breastfeeding with baby milk bottles. It is practiced mainly in 2 situations: either the bottle comes in complement of the breast if the mother does not have enough milk or she is busy with economic activities.
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
Breastfeeding and other liquids (tea, fruits juice, water, etc.).
The association of breastfeeding with other liquid foods such as porridge of maize, millet and fruit juice, water, tea.
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
Semi-liquids or semi-solids foods rich in vitaminVitamins:
A, C, D, B6 , B12, and others
It’s about foods rich in vitamins such as “blédina.” It is a baby food formula rich in vegetables, (carrots, green beans, etc.), rich in cereals (wheat, maize, rice, millet), and rich in milk. This also applies to African baby food rich in cereals (rice, corn, millet) and apple puree mixed with egg yolk.
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
AlcoholAlcohol drinks:
mother gives some drinks containing alcohol to their child and when the mother puts alcohol in traditional medicine.
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(-)
Drinking water
Others factors:
drinking water is water that can be consumed without the risk of getting sick and not containing microbes (viruses, bacteria) and toxic products.
Access to drinking water
No access to drinking water
Yes = 1, 0 otherwise(+)
  1. Source: Available variables in DHS-MICS-2011-2012