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Table 3 Variables affecting the marginal productivity of cooking effort

From: Aiming for better use of convenience food: an analysis based on meal production functions at home

Demographic factorHousehold income (five levels from < 4 million yen to > 10 million yen)
Home cook’s age (five levels from 20s to 60s)
Employment status of home cook (full-time homemaker/full-time worker)
Living together with or without a family of elderly people (over 60 years old)
Personality factor (awareness information from Shoku-MAP)Busy
Cooking is troublesome
I like eating out
Buying food is troublesome
Buying food with emphasis on the price
Flexible with regard to cooking
High interest in health
Prefer luxury foods
Make plan and cook
Resistance to purchase cooked food
Emphasis on the number of foodstuffs
High interest in diet
Prefer natural foodstuffs
Emphasis on the number of dishes
I like cooking
Cook on a case-by-case basis