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Table 5 Health service-related factors and their association with utilization of AFS (n = 351)

From: Factors associated with utilization of adolescent-friendly services in Bhaktapur district, Nepal

VariablesTotal (n = 351), n (percentage)Users of AFS, n (percentage)Crude OR (95% CI)p value
Heard about adolescent-friendly services
 No144 (41.03)5 (3.47)Ref 
 Yes207 (58.97)80 (38.65)17.51 (6.88-44.6)< 0.001
Need felt to seek sexual and reproductive health services
 As soon as the illness develops134 (38.18)73 (54.48)20.44 (10.42-40.12)< 0.001
 Not as soon as the illness develops217 (61.82)12 (5-53)Ref 
  1. Crude odds ratio is the odds ratio which identifies the association between variables with the use of AFS. The variable for which p value is less than 0.05 is considered significant
  2. Ref reference group