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Table 6 Factors independently associated with the utilization of AFS (n = 351)

From: Factors associated with utilization of adolescent-friendly services in Bhaktapur district, Nepal

Study variablesUnadjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p value
Predisposing factors
 Age (in years)
  10-14Ref Ref 
  15-1913.63 (4.85-38.3)< 0.00122.3 (5.82-85.38)< 0.001
  MaleRef Ref 
  Female2.07 (1.26-3.41)0.0044.98 (1.94-12.8)0.001
 Marital status
  Ever married47.85 (6.16-371.88)< 0.0016.3 (0.59-67.68)0.129
  Never marriedRef Ref 
 Educational status
  Lower secondary or lessRef Ref 
  Secondary level or high5.08 (2.12-12.14)< 0.0011.86 (0.45-7.71)0.392
 Heard about adolescent-friendly services
  NoRef Ref 
  Yes17.51 (6.88-44.61)< 0.00131.17 (9-107.93)< 0.001
 Feel shy to get the services related to SRH
  No11.4 (5.99-21.69)< 0.0019.31 (3.53-24.53)< 0.001
  YesRef Ref 
 Fear of being seen while using SRH services
  No1.74 (1.05-2.89)0.0332.85 (1.11-7.31)0.029
  YesRef Ref 
 Need felt to get sexual and reproductive health services
  As soon as the illness develops20.44 (10.42-40.12)< 0.00111.2 (4.44-28.25)< 0.001
  Not as soon as the illness developsRefRefRefRef
  1. Adjusted odds ratio is the odds ratio which identifies the association between variables with the use of AFS taking all variables in account. The variable for which p value is less than 0.05 is considered significant
  2. Ref reference group