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Table 11 Nutrient intakes from diet of the 12–24-month age group (n = 12) compared with dietary reference values (DRVs)

From: Complementary feeding practices and nutrient intakes of children aged 6–24 months from Bangladeshi background living in Tower Hamlets, East London: a feasibility study

NutrientDRVMeanSDPercentage of DRVPercentage of sample not meeting DRVMinimumMaximumP value*
Iron (mg/day)
Zinc (mg/day)
Calcium (mg/day)350.0609.9315.8174.316.7139.01307.00.016
Sodium (mg/day)500.0808.7558.0161.733.3284.02043.00.082
Vitamin A (μg/day)400.0680.6815.1170.258.30.02690.20.258
Vitamin D (μg/day)
Thiamin (mg/day)
Riboflavin (mg/day)
Niacin (mg/day)
Vitamin B6 (mg/day)
Folate (μg/day)70.0157.684.3225.10.074.0352.00.004
Vitamin C (mg/day)30.066.851.4222.733.36.0172.00.030
Protein (g/day)14.539.718.2273.88.311.084.30.001
  1. Nutrient intakes from diet excluded dietary supplements
  2. *P value for differences between mean intake of children in the sample from the specified age group and the respective DRV
  3. Based on protein providing 14.7% of EAR for energy