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Table 12 Energy estimated average requirements (EAR) for infants and children stratified by age, gender, and breastfeeding status

From: Complementary feeding practices and nutrient intakes of children aged 6–24 months from Bangladeshi background living in Tower Hamlets, East London: a feasibility study

 BreastfedFormula-fedMixed-fed or unknown
7–12 monthsMales694.0754.7186.00.629742.0733.3343.00.969718.0547.5139.90.093
1 year‡Males765.0820.7201.10.679
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. Based on the UK nutrition requirements [49]
  3. One value in category. Standard deviation and P value could not be obtained
  4. EAR for male and female infants do not contain breastfed and formula-fed energy requirements for ages beyond 12 months. Mixed-fed was used in place