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Table 4 Feeding practices of sample population (n = 25)

From: Complementary feeding practices and nutrient intakes of children aged 6–24 months from Bangladeshi background living in Tower Hamlets, East London: a feasibility study

Feeding practiceNumberPercentage
Feeding method 0–6 months of age
 Exclusive breastfeeding*28
 Predominant breastfeeding*14
 Complementary feeding*728
 Mixed feeding1456
 Formula feeding14
Early initiation of breastfeeding§
Bottle feeding||
Introduction of complementary foods
 < 6 months728
 6 months1560
 > 6 months312
Age of introduction of formula milk
 < 1 month1560
 1–3 months416
 > 3 months624
Whole cow’s milk given as drink < 1 year of age
Currently breastfeeding
Supplement use
  1. *According to WHO definition [6]
  2. Allows infant to receive breast milk and non-human milk or formula milk, but not complementary foods
  3. Infant exclusively formula feeding; has never been breastfed
  4. §Early initiation of breastfeeding: < 60 min after birth
  5. ||Child who received any food or drink from a bottle during the previous day
  6. NHS recommendation: whole cow’s milk can be mixed with foods or given as yogurt or fromage frais after 6 months of age; whole cow’s milk can be given as a drink from 1 year of age [11]