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Table 2 Factor loading of the final Chinese School-aged Children’s Eating Behavior Scale (46 items) (n = 342)a

From: Development and preliminary evaluation of Chinese School-aged Children’s Eating Behavior Scale

Dimension name and item Loading Dimension name and item Loading
Junk food preference, JP (19.49)   24. My child would eat more when eating in a restaurant or other family 0.51
1.My child likes to eat fried food, such as chips and fried chicken 0.71 25. Even if the same food ingredients are made into different patterns or style, my children will eat more 0.51
2.My child likes to eat all kinds of puffed foods 0.68 26. My children eat more when there are guests at home 0.50
3.My child prefers eating instant noodles, hamburger, pizza and other fast foods over family meals 0.64 27. My child eats more and faster when happy 0.47
4.Between milk, yogurt and beverage, my child would choose beverage 0.64 28. My child chooses to eat when he/she feels lonely 0.46
5. My child especially likes to eat sweet foods, such as ice cream and candy 0.63 29. When someone plays with he/her, my child eats more 0.43
6.My child prefers to eat processed meat products, such as canned meat and sausage 0.62 Restrained eating, RE (3.74)  
7. My children like to eat food with heavy flavors, such as salty and spicy ones 0.50 30.During the meal, my child often says that if he/she eats too much, he/she will get fat 0.74
Bad eating habit, BH (10.10)   31. My child likes to eat meat, but he will limit the amount he eats at a time 0.74
8. During a meal, my child always plays while eating 0.65 32. My child often limits the amount of food he / she can eat for fear of gaining weight 0.70
9. Even if eats at home, my child doesn't want to serve foods for himself /herself 0.61 33. My child will limit himself/herself to drinks and snacks 0.65
10. If I do not allow to play with toys, watch TV or do other things, my child would not have his/her meal 0.54 Enjoyment of food, EF (3.23)  
11. During a meal, my child will eat more and more slowly 0.52 34. Whenever I give food, my child becomes happy 0.65
12. My child can sit before the dining-table obediently and finish his/her meal quicklyb 0.52 35. My child would be happy when meal time comes 0.61
13. It takes more than 30 min for my child to eat his/her meal 0.50 36. My child is always asking for food 0.57
14. My child has leftovers at every meal 0.47 37. If allowed, my child will keep eating 0.56
15. My child often needs to be fed during a meal 0.46 38. My child is interested in food 0.46
Food fussiness, FF (5.97)   Food responsiveness, FR (2.80)  
16. My child only eats the food he/she selected 0.71 39. My child is always attracted to the food in the food shop 0.65
17. My child eats a limited variety of foods 0.67 40. My child wants to eat when watching others eat 0.64
18. My child doesn't eat foods he/she hasn't eaten before 0.63 41. My child wants to eat when smelling or seeing foods 0.60
19. My child refuses many foods because of the food’s taste, smell, appearance, texture, etc 0.59 42. Although my child is full, he/she could eat more when seeing his/her favorite foods 0.52
20. If there is a little food in the meals that he/she does not like, he/she would not eat 0.56 43. Whenever I give foods, my child would eat continuously 0.47
21. My child eats any kinds of foodsb 0.48 Appetite, AP (2.42)  
Susceptible eating, SE (4.41)   44. My child eats less than other age-matched children 0.48
22. My child would eat more when using his/her favorite dishware 0.58 45. My child gets full up easily 0.46
23. My child eats more when there is nothing else to do 0.52 46. My child has a good appetiteb 0.42
  1. aThis is half of Sample 3 sample size
  2. bItems with reverse score