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Table 1 Table of sub-categories, categories and themes

From: Perceptions of mothers on child well-being, changes in everyday life and social sustainability: lessons learned from a community-based health promotion programme in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka

Sub-categories Categories Sub-theme Theme
Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Beneficial changes at the individual level Transformation for betterment Health literacy
Child’s nutrition and weight
Child’s happiness
Child’s education
Reduction of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs usage Beneficial changes at the family level
Day-to-day family life and economy
Mothers’ knowledge about parenting
Family happiness
Collective activities—Playhouses, Baby rooms, community activities Beneficial changes at the community/village or society level
Social connectedness—Children’s societies, Mother supportive groups
Empowerment—carrying out the activities alone, spreading it among new mothers and other villages Drivers and adaptations for continuation Sustainability
Future plans- Individual plans, collective goals
Suggestions for improvement
Personal issues of mothers—financial issues, time, lack of motivation Determinants that hinder the continuation
Group behaviour—Interpersonal issues, conflict of interests among group members
Contextual issues and barriers—social pressure, sabotaging