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Table 1 Characteristics of settlements sampled for the study. Number of households was estimated by dividing total population of each settlement by the average household size of 5.4 reported by CSO (2010) for the Ngamiland district

From: Water use practices, water quality, and households’ diarrheal encounters in communities along the Boro-Thamalakane-Boteti river system, Northern Botswana

Settlement Distance (km) Population Number of households Type of settlement
Boro −11 393 73 Ungazetted
Maun 0 2053a 380 Gazetted
Xobe 13 260 48 Ungazetted
Samedupi 20 471 87 Ungazetted
Chanoga 30 347 64 Ungazetted
Motopi 87 3591 248 Gazetted
  1. aNote that the population for Maun indicated here is only for Shashe ward and Matlapana which were sampled for this study. The total population of Maun is 60, 273 (CSO, 2012)