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Table 1 List of terms given to describe cholera symptoms by the study population (N = 85)

From: What is cholera? A preliminary study on caretakers’ knowledge in Bangladesh

  Symptoms given N = 85 people (% of total)
Incorrectly described cholera or failed to mention loose or frequent stools Blood in stool, frequent blood in stool, chest pains, twisting of hands and feet, blood in mouth, bleeding from the belly, dysentery, very bad smell of feces 25 (29 %)
Partially correctly described cholera Loose or frequent stools AND any of the following: vomiting, frequent vomiting, dry eyes, dry mouth, headache, stomach pain, fever, belly pain, shaking/convulsions, a serious disease, a water-borne disease 60 (71 %)
Correctly described cholera Acute watery diarrhea/stools with or without vomiting (0 %)