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Table 4 Factor loading matrix for major dietary patterns

From: Association of dietary patterns with diabetes complications among type 2 diabetes patients in Gaza Strip, Palestine: a cross sectional study

Food Groups Dietary patterns
Asian-like pattern Sweet-soft drinks-snacks pattern
Refined grains 0.245 0.271
Whole grains 0.206
Potatoes 0.208
Beans and legumes 0.223
Red meat
Organ meat
Fish and shellfish products
Fast foods
Low-fat dairy product
High-fat dairy products
Vegetables 0.323
Tomatoes 0.229
Fruit 0.985
Hydrogenated fats
Vegetable oils
Nuts and seed products
Sugar, sweets, and desserts 0.209 0.249
Snacks 0.228
Soft drinks 0.998
Salt and pickles
Variance explained (%) 68.302 18.183
  1. Values less than 0.2 were omitted for simplicity. Total variance explained by two factors: 86.485