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Table 3 Top five reasons for non-adherence—medication adherence study, Anuradhapura 2017

From: Comparison of medication adherence between type 2 diabetes mellitus patients who pay for their medications and those who receive it free: a rural Asian experience

No.SPC (n = 50)
Reason and mean (SD)
THA (n = 50)
Reason and mean (SD)
BHT (n = 50)
Reason and mean (SD)
DHK (n = 50)
Reason and mean (SD)
01Forgetfulness1.4 (1.3)Being away from home1.4 (1.2)Forgetfulness1.0 (1.1)Forgetfulness1.5 (1.3)
02Being away from home1.2 (1.2)Forgetfulness1.3 (1.2)Being away from home0.8 (1.1)Being away from home0.8 (1.2)
03Running out of medications0.9 (1.2)Willingness to avoid side effects0.6 (1.2)Complex drug regime0.6 (1.1)Complex drug regime0.3 (0.8)
04Complex drug regime0.4 (1.0)Complex drug regime0.4 (0.9)Willingness to avoid side effects0.4 (0.9)Felt depressed or broken0.3 (0.7)
05Willingness to avoid side effects0.4 (0.9)Felt depressed or broken0.2 (0.7)Felt well0.2 (0.7)Too expensive medications0.3 (0.8)
05  Felt well0.2 (0.8)Too expensive medications0.2 (0.8)  
  1. THA Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura, BHT Base Hospital Thambuttegama, DHK Divisional Hospital Kekirawa, SD standard deviation