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Table 3 Data quality scores

From: Economic analysis of producing vital statistics using civil registration data in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Quality attributes Definition 2015 Censusa 2017 Lao Social Indicator Survey Functional Civil Registration
Coverage or completeness Geographical area that the data covers/sample size 0.5 0.007 b 0.9
Correctness or accuracy All data items are accurately and completely recorded with no missing items 0.5 0.2 c 0.9
Availability Data that have been collected, filed, processed, and stored in each system (CRVS) are accessible to users in a user-friendly format upon request 0.5 0.5 0.9
Timeliness Data for vital statistics is generated annually 0.1 0.2 1
Disaggregated data Data are available by sex, age, nationality, ethnicity, geographical area, income, and urban vs rural 0.5 0.5 0.9
Total score   2.1 1.4 4.6
Composite quality index   0.42 0.28 0.92
  1. aCensus was rated 0.5 for most of the quality attributes because of the reduction in the quality of data during the intercensal period. The score of 0.1 for timeliness represents 1 out of 10 years
  2. bThe score of 0.007 represents the fraction of the population interviewed, that is, 52,460/6,700,000. It is assumed that the survey sample is representative of the population
  3. cIt is assumed that the survey data are accurate in the year that the data was collected, but over 10 years, it is 2/10 accurate