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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of unawareness of NHIS status of respondents; logistic regression model

From: Unawareness of health insurance expiration status among women of reproductive age in Northern Ghana: implications for achieving universal health coverage

 Odds ratioP > z95% Conf. interval
Level of education (compared with no education)
 Primary/junior high sch.1.090.4540.871.38
Functional literacy (compared with yes)
Occupation (compared with farming)
 No occupation/housewife0.750.0210.590.96
 Civil servant0.520.0930.241.11
Religion (compared with Christianity)
 Traditional religion0.930.5880.711.21
 No religion2.040.0161.143.64
Area of residence (compared with urban)
District of residence (compared with Bolgatanga)
 Garu/Tempani0.59< 0.0010.440.79
 Bawku West0.580.0010.410.81
 Bawku East0.610.0030.440.85
SES (wealth index) (compared with Q1 poorest)
 Quintile 20.850.1110.701.04
 Quintile 30.940.6760.691.27
 Quintile 40.790.0450.630.99
 Quintile 5 (richest)0.730.0150.570.94