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Table 3 Findings of the multivariate conditional logistic regression exploring association between risk factors and nutritional status of the child, Kurigram, Bangladesh, Feb–May 2014

From: Risk factors of acute malnutrition among children aged 6–59 months enrolled in a community-based programme in Kurigram, Bangladesh: a mixed-method matched case-control study

CovariatesOdds ratioa95% confidence intervalp value
Mother’s age (in years)1.050.98, 1.120.187
Number of family members1.301.02, 1.650.033
Birth Order
 Not first child1--
 First child0.300.09, 0.960.042
Illness in the last 2 weeks
 Yes3.081.13, 8.420.028
Household toilet facility
 Non hygienic latrine1--
 Hygienic latrine0.250.07, 0.820.022
Household food securityb
 Insecure2.450.82, 7.250.106
  1. aOdds ratio indicates odds of being acutely malnourished adjusted for other factors in the model taking age group and sex matching into consideration
  2. bHousehold food security was assessed by household food insecurity access scale