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Table 3 Convergent, divergent validity (Fornell and Larcker Criterion) and reliability results (n = 388)

From: Nutrition self-efficacy assessment: designing and psychometric evaluation in a community-dwelling elderly population

DimensionsAVEaMSVbASVcCRdΩeα (CI95%)AICf
Adherence efficacy0.5770.3340.3290.9010.8010.9220.610
Preventive behaviours0.5140.3710.3490.9120.7840.9180.331
Information effectiveness0.6360.3760.3580.9130.8620.9240.449
  1. aAverage variance extracted
  2. bMaximum shared squared variance
  3. cAverage shared squared variance
  4. dConstruct reliability
  5. eMcDonald’s omega coefficient
  6. αCronbach alpha
  7. fAverage inter-item correlation