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Table 2 Health service-related characteristics of study population (n = 351)

From: Factors associated with utilization of adolescent-friendly services in Bhaktapur district, Nepal

VariablesFrequency (n = 351)Percentage
Heard about adolescent-friendly health services  
Source of information for those who heard about AFS (multiple response question)  
 Health workers277.8
 Health institutions257.2
First contact point during illness  
 Private hospital10730.5
 Sub health post/health post6418.2
 Public hospital329.1
 Primary health center164.6
Means of transportation to reach nearest health facility  
 Public transportation6719.1
 Private transportation5415.4
Average time to reach the nearest health facility  
 Less than 30 min28280.3
 30–60 min5716.2
 More than 60 min123.4
Need felt to get SRH services  
 After home remedies20257.5
 As soon as the illness develops13438.2
 As the condition gets worse154.3
Preference for communication about SRH (multiple response question)