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Table 13 Caloric intake, macronutrient intake, and percentages of total energy intake

From: Complementary feeding practices and nutrient intakes of children aged 6–24 months from Bangladeshi background living in Tower Hamlets, East London: a feasibility study

 Daily intakeMin.Max.95% CIPercentage of caloric intakeMin.Max.95% CI
Calories (kCal/day)730.368.9392.01210.0578.6, 882.0
Calories from BF (kCal/day)269.442.759.0414.0175.5, 363.4     
Calories from CF (kCal/day)460.985.0127.01093.0273.8, 648.1     
Protein (g/day), 41.813.71.96.427.99.6, 17.4
Total carbohydrates (g/day)88.69.953.1151.766.8, 110.448.21.840.761.744.2, 52.2
Total sugars (g/day)52.93.633.769.344.9, 60.927.71.814.149.123.9, 31.4
Total fat (g/day)29.91.717.839.326.1, 33.638., 43.3
Saturated fats (g/day), 15.815., 17.5
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. No DRVs have been set for carbohydrate and fat intakes for infants and children younger than 2 years of age [46]